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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adventures in Basing (or Fenders and Files)

As somewhat expected my progress on my dogfaces has slowed a bit AND I haven't been keeping up with the blog :( However,  a gentle reminder from a friend has brought me back to the blog with an update...of sorts.

The past month has been a little hectic - new job, sick for a week, etc. But during that time I made a hobby purchase that filled me with joy: I bought a box of Fender washers. OK, OK, you might be old hands at wargaming and the thought of Fender washers probably doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. However, I'm still new to the hobby and let me tell you I was SO excited to get those washers! I felt like I was in the big leagues! I'm basing figures with the big boys! :)

Before I based, I knew I had to file down the bases on the figures. This was the start of The Great File Search of 2010. I knew I had a large metal file- but where was it? Between work, night time with the fam, and searching the nooks and crannies it took me a good 4 or 5 days to finally find the file. It was basically right in front of me :(

The next step was getting figures on the Fenders. I did my research and decided upon hot glue. I'm happy to report there were no burnt fingers...but it turns out I used a low temperature glue that didn't really work. My GI's were on the base, but one fumbled pick up and they would have been dislodged. So, time to call up the big guns and use bona fide glue.

I've started to put spackle/pumice/whatever it's called onto the Fender bases to build up the base. Things are moving slowly but moving!

At least I'm on my second reading of the new General de Brigade rules! ;)

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