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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Sad Realization

Sitting here at work during my lunchtime, reading The Western Desert Campaign 1940 -41 by Glenn Wahlert (courtesy of the Army War College...thank you, Inter-Library Loan!), I came to a sad realization: My great miniatures/war gaming projects will have to be measured out in weeks instead of days, months instead of weeks, and years instead of months. :( So many things I want to do, so little time.

Now, I was warned about this. The grizzled (and gnarled) war gaming vets who are my friends pulled no punches when it came to these matters. But today it finally sunk in. It might be time to apply some project management to my hobby. :)

On the brighter side, this weekend was a banner one for war gaming and hobbying. I participated in a very fun WWI in the Middle East game and manged to finish putting spackle/pumice/gunk on the bases of my WW2 U.S. infantry!

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  1. Basing = One Little Victory!

    Just don't do as do and jump from project to project. If you can stick to one theme for 6 months, to a year, then you will have enough units to put on a game using your own stuff. Looking forward to seeing your first completed units!