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Monday, October 11, 2010

Paper or Plastic? Or Resin?

Unfortunately no new painting update - last week was hectic at work and I still haven't found a good two hours at night to do some painting. However, it will happen!

Right now I am mulling over exactly which route I should go for WWII terrain. Should I go the scratchbuilt route, cutting and putting together foamcore? Or should I just go the plastic/resin route? I know that I, technically, can do both, but I'm a little anal about uniformity (as well as my ability!) and I'm concerned that combining the two might not look that great.

I'm tempted to plunk down some dough on this from Model Train Software. I saw a nice use of this over on the Lead Adventure forum. My biggest concern is how quickly I would go through colored printer ink!

The debate continues.....


  1. a WWII battle in Northern Ohio? :)
    Seriously, though, Card would be way too fiddly and delicate for me. I like clunky heavy hard to f--- up resin.

  2. By the way, when are you getting your Avatar?

  3. I must agree with the Pasha. It saves so much time to simply buy a ready made piece for painting instead of making something. While making stuff is much more satisfying, I would rather actually get something completed so I can move on to my next "brilliant" idea.

  4. Ah, for me it's the cost of the resin! Dare I go against the wargaming brain trust?