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Friday, October 1, 2010

Too many hobby interests, too little time: The Project Wish List

Here's where the "rubber meets the road" - pinning down what I am going to work on! The first project I'm going to tackle is getting my 28mm Crusader WWII US Infantry painted up, based and ready for action. I have roughly two platoons worth with three support weapons (2 .30cals and a 60mm mortar).

Given time and talent constraints I only ever hope for tabletop worthy mini painting. I'd like to use these figs for some  Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers (DH/C7B) gaming at my club. I hope to post pics of them soon (maybe some WIP and finished product).

So what else is in store? In no particular order:
  • Terrain for DH/C7B  - I'm hoping to make some "generic" Western European (read: France) houses, roads (dirt and tarmac), some basic "built up area/village" base areas, hedges, bocage, hills and so on.
  • Painting up at least 3 battalions of 28mm Napoleonic French ligne infantry
  • Painting up my Brigade Games PacWar US Marines and Japanese infantry
  • Developing and producing some easily transportable terrain boards for use at my gaming club
  • Researching the Kingdom of Italy and painting up some Italian line infantry  for Napoleonics (gotta love the Italians of any era...but I'm biased. Viva L'Italia!)
  • Paint up some WWI US Infantry
Easy enough, right? :)

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